How do I Request an Instructor Account?

Instructor accounts can be requested by filling out the account request form. Basic information will need to be provided to ensure the requester is teaching faculty at a US-based, non-profit academic institution of higher education.

How do I Request a Student Account?

Students do not need to request an account as they will be invited by their instructor. Instructors can request accounts for students and TAs after logging in.

Why Can't I Login?

Users may only login through the VMware client if they have an active deployment. Only instructors can login through the portal. If you meet these requirements but still can't login, try resetting your password first then contact the help desk.

Why Can't I See Any VMs?

If you can login but don't see any VMs, then make sure you are using the right login point. This will be sent to you in an email, and should be one of the following:

  • vc1.rave-lab.com
  • vc2.rave-lab.com

How do I Reset My Password?

All users can request a password reset. After filling out the form, an email will be sent to your academic email address with a link to reset your password.

What Client Should I Use?

While any VMware client should be able to access the environment, we recommed using the installed Windows client. This can be downloaded here.

What if I Can't Install a Client?

The VMware web client can be used, but it may not feel as responsive as other client options. It will require flash to be enabled, and can be accessed here.

Why Can't I Open My VM?

Make sure your VM is powered on first. If you still can't access your VM or the console remains blank even after powering it on, the confirm that the following ports and IPs aren't being blocked.

Make sure the following IPs ranges are white-listed.


Make sure the following ports are white-listed for all IP ranges (TCP and UDP).

  • 80
  • 443
  • 902
  • 903
  • 7331
  • 9443

Instructors should contact the help desk if this persists, as the above list is not comprehensive and their deployment may require more resources white-listed.

Why Can't I Login to the Portal?

The portal is now only for instructor use.

I'm Having Trouble with My Lab. Can I Email the Help Desk?

Students should contact their instructor about issues with an assignment as the help desk cannot address these types of issues.

I'm Having Trouble with the Environment. Can I Email the Help Desk?

Students should contact their instructor first so that they are aware of any issues. Your instructor may refer you to the help desk if they cannot address the issue, but please ask them first!

How do I Navigate through the Client?

The VMware clients can be intimidating at first, so we have a small set of video resources to assist with this on Youtube. If you are still having trouble with the client, then ask your instructor for help.

Can I Test a Lab Before Using it in a Class?

Yes! Simply create a new class with only you in it, and select the scenario you want to deploy. You may also invite your TAs to review the environment too.

How do I Create a Class?

Classes can be created through the portal. Login with the credentials you were provided, and the first page will have a button that will walk you through the process of creating a class.

What if I Have Late Additions?

Class membership can be changed at any time through the portal. Login with the credentials you were provided, and the first page will have a list of current classes. Select your class, and from there you can add or remove students and TAs. It may take a few minutes for these changes to take affect.

How do I Add My TAs?

The class creation process will allow you to add in co-instructors. These could be faculty members or other assistants you may have. These users will receive instructor-level access to the deployment, meaning that their account will be able to see all student VMs.

How do I Delete My Class?

During the class creation process, an end date was selected. This is the date that all class resources will be deleted on automatically. You will receive a reminder email when this date approaches at which point you will be able to change this date if you need.